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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Doll Swap Quilt, the story and the photos

When I received Christine's lovely little quilt and opened her beautifully presented package I just smiled and kept on smiling.  Her sneak peek had given away that it was a red and white quilt! The first photo is Christine's quilt.  The hand quilting is so precise and even. I loved the way she incorporated the words dolls quilt 2011. But why was I smiling?
      I walked into my dining room and as you can see I have made a nine by nine patch quilt, in my favorite red and white combination.  This quilt is called "Rebel 9x9"  I made it for our quilt group's annual Christmas challenge for 2009.  That particular challenge was very specific in what we had to do.  I opted to stay within the 9 inch block size and the 20 block stipulation, and that's about all I could stick with.  This quilt was also my first attempt at machine quilting feathers.  Sorry no close ups!
     I think you know where I am going to hang Christine's beauty!  Thank you Christine for your lovely quilt and making me smile every time I walk into the dining room.  My little Lori smith design quilt is going to have to find another place to reside!

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