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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ballarat Quilter's with entries in Vic Quilter's Showcase 2011, some of them!

 This is Dawn and I infront of Neil Chisholm's quilt.  One of his civil war series.
 This is Janice Perry's japanese quilt, she is one of my favorite members!  Suzanne's eagle quilt is the one that you can glimpse the borders on.  I am so dissapointed that I cannot show you it!
 Jenny Bacon's minature view of her trip to Japan and what she noticed on a temple gate. And lastly our beloved quilt president's quilt based on what she sees from her window, I am sure that Trish was estatitic to see her quilt in showcase.

Melbourne Quilt Show 2011

See for yourself, the quilts that I found lovely at this years show.

I had a great time shopping and viewing.  I have included some photo's of the entrants who are members of Ballarat Quilter's but unfortunately did not get a good shot of Suzanne Lyle's eagle quilt.  New camera equals blurry images.  Lucky for me Linda Steele was the profiled quilter! The Internet wowser has just returned home so I will have to post more later.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dancing in red shoes: Doll's quilt for Christine

Dancing in red shoes: Doll's quilt for Christine

Doll's quilt for Christine

 This how I imagined Christine opening my quilt. This photo shows half the front and half the back.

  The little pocket in the back has the story of the quilt printed onto silk.
I thought that Christine's grand daughter's would like a "secret" to find.

It was really hard to not match stripes!  The aplique placement was tricky too.  I had to place 3 wreaths slightly off center rather than one or two.  The binding was not a deliberate mistake!  I really enjoyed that hand quilting.  Should do more of it.

I am working on a set of quilts for my groups show in November.  They are all dolls quilts.  More of them next time!  Happy stiching, with no.......!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Great Day to Start Anew

Saturday saw the start of our new group, back at the Ballarat High School.  It was a lovely afternoon, and even I got something done!  Here are a few photo's of Yvonne, Anneli,Karla and myself on the day.