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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bay to Birdwood 2011

I survived another one!

for me it is not about ......
Rover P6 1975
The Cars...........

though there were plenty of cars!

It is about the Fashion!
More later in part 2

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finally Got there!

Yesterday, Fred and I got to go to the Barossa Farmer's Market, something we have always wanted to do after seeing the ABC show "The cook and the chef".  It was good!  Lovely produce, lots of tastings to tempt you and a great atmosphere.  You just wanted to load up your picnic basket and head off to somewhere scenic to enjoy life.

Here is what I bought back for the girls.  The most adorable cupcakes.  Recognise Shaun the sheep? The cute little dragon was too good to eat!

But only less than a kilometer away was another little market.....

which was right outside the Barossa quilt cottage!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where Am I ?

Still no idea?
Answer is Maclarenvale in South Australia.

This is the visitors center, where the first thing I saw upon entering was the crazy patchwork of Jill Thomas. ( sorry no photo's allowed).

Grape vines equals wine

winery equals wine tastings       this is just a taste of things to come hic!                                                                                                                                      

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crumb Along

Last night I began my crumb along journey with Jo's help.  Please check out her blog by clicking here  or by using the button on the sidebar.
   I have alot of crumbs and scraps that keep on multiplying!

Next I played with what was in my crumb bag and came up with 2 different styles of fabric.  Lots of reproductions and some brights.  I had a meter/ yard of blue homespun so made that my consistent solid.
So here is my bright flying geese version.

and then I did a reproduction version, which frankly was........


So back to the other version,

I cannot wait to see what the others have done.  Here are their links.
1. Deb  5. karen  9. Quilter Kathy  
2. Suzanne in Tx  6. Laurina  10. cheryl from MO  
3. Angie in So Cal  7. Linnea  11. Judy D in AZ  
4. Sandra  8. Beatrice, France  

Number 5 is me.

I did not go as random as Jo, and my block has a finished measurement of 8 inches by 10 inches.  So I will be juggling the arrangement of my blocks.  Please do leave a comment to let me know what you think......I value the advice.....this is way out of my comfort zone!!!!! I'm off on vacation soon and plan to take my machine with me and some crumbs!
So with out any further to do.............
Here is my flying geese block......


Love Karen, who is now off to check out what everybody else has done!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

From One Sunday to the Next

Or how I went from sublime to septics in seven days...........

On the first Sunday in September I travelled to Wonga Park to see the wonderful "Quilts in the Barn".  I caught up with Linda, Bev, Dorothy, and Peter ( actually Paul, bit of an in joke sorry).  I met Jo Morton, just one of the biggest highlights of the day.  Speaking of highlights......... First was admiring the Barn and the raffle prizes and Linda's tumbler quilt top...its still growing....I think!  Then there was one of my favorite shops, that  could see close to the entrance, that would be "the quilted Crow".  Then there were the quilts!!!!!  I definitely needed a cup of tea and the sustenance of sausages and scones before going on......I'll let you see for yourself while I sit back

I did mention meeting Jo Morton and her delightful husband didn't I?

 This is me, Jo Morton and the lovely Linda.
                                         Jo and Linda

With Kristen, who is a fellow member of Jo's Internet group.

But, we also had alot of fun!
I met Linda's Dear Dad.

Her spirited sisters...

And lots of photo's were taken by everyone....

Here is Jo's husband helping out

and here is Linda trying to get a photo of Jo taking a photo!

And then there were Jo's quilts........

 These are just a few of my favorites!
 Then in the other half of the barn was Linda and her Jo Morton sewing group's quilts....made with Jo's fabrics

 Then onto shopping!

 I've joined the "This goes with that " club from the Quilted Crow.  Great value and Jo's fabrics!
 The Quilted Crow has lots of Jo's fabrics and Divine wool to work with!  Do visit them via their web site and if you happen to be in Tasmania it is worth going to their shop!
I purchased a pear.......now residing on the dining room buffet!

And of course those lovely Jo books.  Jo very generously donated them to the event to aid in the money raised for breast cancer research. I was able to pre- purchase via Linda's " Quilts in the Barn" blog!

Then as I left we saw what Bev was working on!!!!!!!!

 Paul very kindly let me leave with a few of these amazing oranges.....a big thank you!
 And I will tell you one funny story of many during the day!

I have a tendency to ..ooh and aah...as expressions of  wonder when I see beautiful quilts........ I was admiring away,... when I noticed one lady looking at me...so I apologised for making a squeal of delight at one of Bev's applique gems.....she commented that she thought I was disabled......I wasn't quick enough to think of the perfect reply.......that I did have Terret's syndrome!

And Yesterday I was inspired by an aerated septic tank system!
Do click onto a photo to see it in more detail and up close and click on the magnifying glass to get even more of a close up view.  I hope that you enjoy the quilts as much as I did.  Maybe I will hear a few aahhs soon!  Love Karen.