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Friday, February 3, 2012

Fools Gold Round Robin

I left a comment on Gerry's blog, which was I thought wishful thinking on my part.  It was along the lines of  "what a great idea, I really wish I could do that too.....................(I have listed and linked everybody's blogs at the end)

  Then, like a dream come true "  I was in a round robin"  entitled "Fools Gold" with 2 of my crazy patchwork heroes.....once I got over the shock.....panic set in.   I kept on panic mode for a few days and then sorted myself out.  Research was going to be my  saving  grace.  So I hit the engine and kept on looking.

  Finally I started making my blocks because I had an "idea"  I used the "the year of the Dragon" as my basic starting point, and then found out that 2012 was also the 6 year cycle of " the water Dragon" which will tone done the nastier side effects of the fire dragon!  I chose mainly batiks because I thought that they would allow alot of blending effects.  I did 3 hot coloured blocks and 3 cool coloured blocks.

  So they have been sent on to Cathy!
  Arlene's blocks arrived early.  Thank you Arlene, because of her I worked out how to do the notebook that accompanies the blocks. Unfortunately ,  Madeline, my darling daughter, ( I have to remind myself!) emptied the black and most of the coloured ink in my printer.  I was left with handwriting my notebook and was able to use my draft computer copy for the front cover.  I think every one will know that this is definitely my first round robin!  Out of the 6 blocks I chose this one to DYOB ( do your own block)

  I  chose it for its simplicity and strong large shapes.  I have decided to do my "military" inspired cuff in gold leaves in one corner.  This will be my 'signature" for this round robin. Then as Arlene likes flowers, I have echoed the wavy curve in her print fabric in my stem and have started on some stylized flowers and leaves.
  I was very grateful that I had Pat Winter's magazine "Crazy Quilt Gatherings" issue 2 2011 for the articles by Cathy Kizerian and Gerry Kruger on round robins, as well as Pats " Embellishing - where to begin".
So I have spent some time looking at Arlene's blog to get a 'feel' for her and her work, but I have kept in mind Gerry's advice for the first person in a RR to be conservative.  So my individual element is the military cuff.  I will stick to the flower vine.  I am thinking that as the other blocks have a fabric with perfume bottles and 2 of the blocks are fan shaped, that they are screaming Paris to me.  So I hope to include a fan, the Eiffel tower, a perfume bottle and a bow.....maybe!  I know Gerry loves to add a bird and I love embroidering peacocks, so I will try to sneak in a peacock.  However this is all subject to change!!!! See what I have done below!
 I hope Arlene Likes it!!!!

Here are everybody's blogs as promised, you will enjoy visiting.
Arlene  http://arlenes-crafts.blogspot.com/

Gerry   http://olderose.blogspot.com/

Pat      www.gatherings100.blogspot.com



Arlene White said...

Karen, what beautiful work you have done so far, can't wait to see the finished block. You have certainly done your homework on us, i will have to see what I can do for you when the time comes, at least your's will be last.

karen said...

Thanks Arlene, I will keep on stitching! I love the way you foundation pieced your blocks....do you sell the foundation patterns?

Cathy said...

Can't wait to get your blocks. Not sure what I will do with them once I get them but I think I see the one I'm going to grab to embellish. Welcome to the world of RRs. - Cathy L

gocrazywithme said...

Hi Karen,
I'm in Fools Gold 1. I love the work you've done so far on this! I haven't gotten the first blocks to work on yet, but have been saving ideas in my head! Hope they don't get lost in there....

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I love what you have done so far on this block Karen! All this gold is going to be so gorgeous - I am excited to see all the blocks as they go around!