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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bay to birdwood 2011-Fashion highlights

This was Di, she came complete with entourage and paparazzi!
Sleek and sophisticated, definitely loved those stripes.
Another classy, classic look.

Details count, he has got points for "the flair"

But he should have lost "the hair"

Ask yourself....do wigs..ever...work?

But polka dots in spring sunshine always do!
the young ones discovering the joys of polyester.....
were the definitely the bold and the beautiful!
matching hats and shoes rules still applied....
though some just ......
moved on....to 1977
and here is Victoria in her platforms and age appropriate dress...while her mother....

had visions of 1975 and took Jackie as her style guide.  I found a cute little Italian outfit at Salvo(tori's) and had the headscarf and big big glasses.......

not to mention the glomesh bag..but I ended up looking like Princess Margret minus Roddy! And not a Greek island in sight.

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