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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crumb Along 2 Catching up

Got back to my crumbs over the week end.  Remember my first block?
I made mine a rectangle...I went back and re-read the instructions and since Jo's block are 6 inches I decided to make this a 12 inch block...
I liked this more.
then got cracking on my stars and hearts....

Then I made a big heart, which was fine until I got to the last triangle and didn't have a big enough piece....so I added a bit so that I could square it up.....I liked that so much .....I did it to all of the corners.

then I thought again        and wondered if I should make a 12 inch block out of these?

So, that is where I ended today!  My quilt may just turn out to be a wonky crumb sampler!
Now I have resisted the urge to see what everyone else has done.......just so I could develop my own quilt.....but I can't fight it any longer!  I'm off to visit everyone else to see what they have been up to!


Cheryl Willis said...

It looks like you are doing just fine. years ago I had a friend that use to make 8 1/2" scrappy blocks from her scraps (before I even heard of crumbs) I use to buy them from her for a quarter. i thought it was a steal to get an 80 x80 top for $25.00
she would have loved to see how these blocks have evolved. cw

Coloradolady said...

Love your blocks!! They will looks wonderful in your finished quilt.