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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Giveaway for turning 50

Morning All,
My 50th post snuck up on me and passed me by.....but I still want to share!
I have a $50AUD gift voucher for Gail's Patchwork emporium to giveaway.

Gail's home and shop burnt down earlier this year, and she and her husband have been very busy rebuilding and using their 'shed' as a temporary home for the shop.  They hope to re-open the shop the first week of October in the refurbished building.  Gail is a local Ballarat resident and business owner, and my giveaway is a way of helping her.  Her website is http://www.gailspatchwork.com.au

if you would like to win this....
please leave a comment telling me which post you liked the most..  Winner will be announced on Monday the 3rd of September 2012. So you have all week to enter.
Best of luck, Karen


Bonnie said...

Love your cover pic! :) I loved your post/s re living on $20a day. I found this interesting. But of course seeing your work is lovely too. More often updates?? :) :)

Gina E. said...

Now that is a hard call. I found all your posts interesting, but if I must choose one, perhaps it is the post dated April 7th, as it includes photos of your exquisite Crazy patchwork. How can people not like CQ? What is there not to like?? Maybe some people have rigid ideas about embroidery...I don't!

Judy said...

Like your crazy quilting,even more intricate when seen personally

Latest Fashion And Style said...

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