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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jelly Roll Racing

Warm up
Made a lottery block for Ellen as the winner of the August TB Lovers lottery

Then more pre race preparation.
I chose to use strips cut from a swap I participated in a few years ago and went from pink right through the colour wheel and back to pink to finish. Just to see what would happen.

Then the race was on!
First lap had a few crashes and took 50 minutes, due to tangles, bobbin run out and discovering that I had sewn the initial long strip not right sides together.

Second lap, was faster once I upped the sewing machine speed from slow to full throttle. But still had a few tangles at the end. Time of 20 minutes.
Third lap uneventful 12 minutes.
Fourth lap 7 minutes and another 3 minutes when I realised that the bobbin had emptied again.

Fifth and final lap 3 minutes.

Final time of 95 minutes!
link to site is below
Love Karen

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